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Rachel Apelt

Born in Brisbane, Australia

Lives & works in Moreton Bay Region


I am fascinated by ‘self’ as a curated process, where ever-changing experience is assembled into a relatively stable narrative of identity. For many individuals and groups that is a life-long struggle. I do not take it for granted.


Throughout my practice, I have been chipping away at oppressive constructs that are around me and lodged within me. Feminism and post-colonial discourse have been key tools, as I have worked to process issues around de-colonising the Self, intersectionality and white privilege. 

My current work engages these constructs in relation to the impact of culture on the natural environment. We live in the Anthropocene Era, where human cultural constructs are causing dramatic and irreversible impacts on natural systems and our climate. I continue to chip away.





Education (selected)

Queensland College of Art

Brisbane Gestalt Therapy: Master in Gestalt Therapy


Grants & Awards

2020 - Continue Creating grant

2014 - RADF professional devt grant

2001 - Arts Queensland, Professional Development Grant
1998 - Queensland Arts Office, Research Grant
1995 - Asialink Residency, Manila, Philippines
1995 - Arts Queensland,Professional Development Grant
1993 - Arts Queensland Individual Project Grant

Solo Exhibitions (selected)

2021 - Understory, Redland Art Gallery, Au

2020 - Between Worlds, Caboolture Hub, Au

2016 - Luminescence, Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane Au

2007 - Nett, SLOT, Sydney Au

2005 - Aquifer, Artisan, Ivory Street, Brisbane Au

2005 - FeltWorks, Museum of Brisbane Au

2001 - Elephantine, University of Southern Qld, Au

1997 - Divine Interventions, Fortitude Gallery, Bne Au

1996 - Seepage, aGOG, Canberra Au

1996 - Sweet, University of Queensland Art Museum, Au

1996 - Sweet, Australia Centre, Manila, Philippines

1995 - The Rupture of Recall, Doggett St Studio, Bne

1994 - X, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane Au


Group Exhibitions (selected)

2022 - Moreton Bay Art Prize - PRAG, Au

2020 - Tipping Point - House Conspiracy, Au

2019 - New Materiality - House Conspiracy, Au

2018 - Tightrope, Pine Rivers Art Gallery, Au

2017 - X Show, Jugglers Art Space, Au

2016 - X Show, Jugglers Art Space, Au

2009 - Reach for the Stars, Tanks Art Centre, Cairns, Au

2008 - Madonna del Rosario, Artisan Gallery, Bne Au

2002 - 10th Lantern of the East, AGCC Gallery, LA USA 

2002 - Mother and Child, Queensland Art Gallery, Bne Au

2001 - Wish You Were Here, Smith and Stonely, Bne Au

2001 - Transit Lounge,    Smith and Stonely, Brisbane Au

1998 - Plastic Waste, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Thailand


Interdisciplinary projects (selected)

2022 - Body Dreaming - embodied dance and drawing with Emma Wilson - Anywhere Festival, Caboolture Hub.

2020 - Drawing a Sense of Place - Film (Producer)

2002 - Así Te Verás, Visual designer, performance project with contemporary dance company, Danza

Contemporánea en Concierto, Monterrey, México

1999 - Order Batu/Touchstone, Collaborative installation project with Moelyono, Noosa Regional Gallery, Au

1999 – SURGE, Collaborative research project with artists/writers from Singapore, Philippines, Australia

1998 - The Divine Kiss, Visual design/costumes with IHOS Opera and Access Arts. Performed Brisbane,Hobart Au


Public Art (selected)

2011 - Fig Tree Pocket State School
2004 - Grange Terminus SCIP, Bus shelter intervention, Brisbane City Council


Public Collections (selected)

Australian National Gallery

Queensland Art Gallery (QAGOMA)

Griffith University

Ipswich Art Gallery

Redlands City Council Gallery


Lecturing Roles (selected)

2002 - Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Fine Arts Department (7 years from 1995)
2003 - Flying Arts tutor (4 years from 1999)
1999 - Queensland University of Technology, Academy of Visual Arts (2 years from 1998)


Reviews (recent, selected)

​Exhibtion review by Crisia Constantine, Arts Hub 2020

Exhibition review by Beth Jackson Luminescence, Eyeline Contemporary Visual Arts, Number 86 2017


“Submergence” in Cross-cultural Connections, An anthology of critical readings and practical case studies, Flying Arts, Gazette No.88 Sept 2003

“True South as a compass point” in Artworker, Artworkers Alliance magazine, Summer 2003

Divine Interventions (catalogue) co-authored by Karen Flores, Christine Clark, Rachel Apelt; May 1997

"Afloat on High Seas" - text co-authored by Judith Keller and Rachel Apelt in Interlogue, Education Foundations Group, Australian Catholic University, December 1993

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